Bringing Financial Logic To Your Emotional Decision
"Wow!  What a great book!  I spent the weekend blowing off friends at the
movies so I could finish reading it.  Your book is well organized and clear with
lots of good advice and examples to help the lay person (me) begin to see how
it might be possible to navigate my way through this process without indebting
myself or my son beyond all hope.  
What I found most powerful about both
the book and the seminar, was the sense of hope both provided."
Thinking like a CFO
Your household is a mini-business.  You have income that comes in, expenses that go out, while seeking a high
ROI (return on investment) on your assets.  Fortune 500 companies have CFO's to help them run efficiently.  You
need to think and plan as the CFO of your household.  College is too large of an investment/expense to not take a
step back and formulate an efficient game plan.

How you pay for college will impact your retirement.  
Remember: you can borrow for college but you cannot
borrow for retirement!